Friday, 23 August 2019

The Treasure Box!

As the Germans were invading and pillaging our lands.
I could smell the dead souls of people burned to death,
hearing people cry out in agony saddens my heart. I see
Jesus’ heart disintegrating as gunshots pierce the air. \
I feel like His soul is with me on my journey to a
new paradise.

Starting my out I feel angry and grumpy.
My feet melt the snow and that weaken my soul. I see Germans
hanging bodies as a sacrifice to the Nazi. I am sick of the
Germans shooting people.

As we reached our destination, I am heartbroken. My old
village was raised to the ground  by those nasty German
soldiers. All the villagers, soldiers and I occupied this

During our journey to our new village German spies followed
us. Dressed in camouflage, like snow, they find out we have
a new village. Their leader may send vicious squadrons to
kill us.

The German soldiers knew where we were. Their cruel leader
sent 9 vicious squadrons to our new village. We were about
to defend our home when 3 squadrons of British soldiers came
along to assist us. Tanks  came and trampled the vegetable
and fruit gardens. With the help of the British soldiers
and artillery we defeated the Germans and saved our
town forever. We may be low on food now but we are all safe.

Monday, 19 August 2019

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